On the Shoulders of Giants Vol: 2 Central America (Book Trailer)

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The African diaspora expands across the globe covering all habitable lands of this great planet we live upon. The continent of Central America is no exception; because of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade descendants of many of the African nations now occupy the lands of Central America.  On the Shoulders of Giants Vol: 2 Central America highlights 9 heroes from Central American history and introduces our readers to the Garifuna people and their culture. Much of the history of Central America is unknown to those outside of the Continent and even those who live on the continent. Therefore the African history of Central America is a history that is almost nonexistent in the minds of African people throughout the world. Because of the presence of the system of global white supremacy, the African and indigenous history of Central America is mostly untold. My goal with this volume is to inform, and help spark an interest in researching the history of the African and indigenous presence of Central America. The Countries of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama make up Central America. The nine people profiled within the book have contributed to their countries through revolution, music, literature, politics, Art, etc. The story of the Garifuna is a fascinating story that displays the ability of African people to survive hardship and create culture that would influence the world. This volume also delves into Central America’s past and uncovers stories of little known people that have literally changed the course of history.




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