Queen Ahmose Nefetari

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Queen Ahmose Nefetari

Ahmose Nefetari was the Granddaughter Pharaoh Senakhtenre and Queen Tetisheri, and the Daughter of Pharaoh Tao the Brave and Queen Mother Ahhotep I. It is said that she was born in Thebes around the end of the seventeenth dynasty of Kemet between 1562 BC and 1570 BC when her Grandfather Senankhtenre was Pharaoh. During the reign of her father Pharaoh Tao the Brave Kemet was invaded by the Hyksos and Pharaoh Tao was killed in battle. Tao was succeeded by Pharaoh Kamose who was also killed defending Kemet against the Hyksos, Ahmose I would then ascended to the throne of Kemet, because of his young age Queen Mother Ahhotep I would become Regent of Kemet. When Ahmose I became of age he was crowned Pharaoh of Kemet, founder of the 18th Dynasty, and he would take Ahmose Nefetari as his wife. She was a queen of many titles and was highly revered throughout the history of Kemet, her many titles included but were not limited to hereditary princess, great of grace, great of praises, king’s mother, great king’s wife, god’s wife, united with the white crown, king’s daughter, king’s sister, and “Goddess of Resurrection”.

Ahmose I used his power and influence to purchase the Office of the Second Profit of Amun for his beloved Ahmose Nefetari, this position gave her control of the administration staff, workshops, the family estate, royal property and treasures; she was also bestowed with the title of Divine Adoratrix which reinforced her responsibilities and power as Queen of Kemet. Ahmose I and Ahmose Nefetari would have three sons from their union Ahmose-Ankh, Saimun and Amenhotep I, it is said that Ahmose Nefetari also had daughters Ahmose-Meritamun and Ahmose-Sitamun; it is speculation that she may be the mother of the wife of Thutmose I. After the death of Ahmose I, Amenhotep I would rise to the throne of Kemet but he was too young to rule, Ahmose Nefetari became the regent of Kemet until Amenhotep I was old enough to rule.

Ahmose Nefetari’s life and influence would be extended through the time of the rule of Thutmose I, it is recorded that she died around 1495 BC and was recorded on the stela of a wab-priest named Nefer. Her burial place was located at Dra Abu el-Naga before her body was removed from her tomb. She was depicted as a beautiful woman with very dark skin and believed that she was a descendent of the Nubian’s. She was also the first queen of Kemet to be considered the wife of the God Amun. She stood at her husband’s side as he ruled Kemet and defended his land against the Hyksos, after the death of her husband the wife of god was able to help keep her kingdom from falling apart and from falling to the Hyksos. Queen Ahmose Nefetari the “Wife of God”, we proudly stand on your shoulders.

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