Abram Petrovich Gannibal

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Abram Petrovich Gannibal


Abram Petrovich Gannibal was born between 1667 and 1669 in the city of Logon near the Mareb River. It is said the city of Logon was located in Eretria, information also exist that suggests Logon was located in Cameroon. Gannibal is said the have been the son of a Prince before he was kidnapped by enemies of a rival culture and taken to Turkey at the age of eight. He was kidnapped again and taken to Moscow, Russia where he would leave his mark on history. Gannibal was sold to the Russian Czar Peter the Great; he was so well-liked that the Czar allowed Gannibal to shadow him during his daily governmental affairs. Gannibal developed a love for math and engineering during his early years of school. His knowledge and gifts were used to construct the fortress town of Kronstadt which was also used as a naval port. Gannibal studied engineering in Paris, France at the request of Peter the Great. He would live in France for six years, during his time he joined the French army. He became a commander and engineer lieutenant in the French army during the Spanish war of the Czar’s Guard.

In 1725 Peter the Great died and the royal adviser Prince Menshikov immediately banished Gannibal into exile in Siberia. While in exile he would build the fortress of Selenchinsk before he escaped from exile, he was captured shortly after and returned to exile. In 1741 Peter the Great’s daughter Empress Catherine would restore Ganibal to his positions of prominence within the Russian army and society. He would soon be named a General in the Russian army and was able to use his knowledge of engineering to help secure the boundary between Russia and Sweden. Gannibal was selected as the Commandant of the city of Reval, he was also promoted to be a major in the Tomesk stronghold. Empress Catherine also awarded Gannibal with multiple engineering projects that would help further build the Russian Empire. Gannibal also received an estate near St. Petersburg, Russia where he would live after he retired from his service to Russia.

Gannibal would meet and illegally marry Christina Regina Von Shoberg, the couple would have eleven children one who was Ivan Gannibal the Russian Naval hero. Gannibal is also the great-grandfather of the father of modern Russian literature Alexander Pushkin. Little is known about the Gannibal family legacy, we do know is a man was kidnapped from his land at the age of eight and was able to make a great impact on Russian life and culture for generations to come. Abram Gannibal was sold to Peter the Great as if he was a pet; they did not know Gannibal would be the one of the reasons Russian life would improve. Abram Petrovich Gannibal, we proudly stand on your shoulders.


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