On the Shoulders of Giants Vol: 2 Central America

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On the Shoulders of Giants Vol: 2 Central America

We have had an incredible ride so far with the release and promotion of On the Shoulders of Giants Vol: North America. We are in the beginning stages of our process for the publication of On the Shoulders of Giants Vol: 2 Central America. As you can see we have completed our book cover and we are now in the editing process. We are excited for this upcoming release. As of now we are planning for a March or April of 2017 release date. With this volume we will be focusing on 10 unsung heroes of African or indigenous heritage who have made a significant contribution to their people and culture. We are also introducing our readers to the Garinagu people of Central America. Their story of survival and triumph is amazing and similar to our stories here in America. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade was an atrocity that ravaged the African continent. We are often taught about the Africans brought to the United States during the slave trade, but we rarely learn about the slaves who were brought to the Caribbean, Brazil and Central America. We are primarily focusing on Central America with this volume, 10 people who have  fought for freedom, gave their people a voice, created beautiful music and inspired millions of people. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming release.



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