Pharaoh Ahmose I: The Founder of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt

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Pharaoh Ahmose I: The Founder of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt

A member of the Theban royal line and the son of Pharaoh Tao II, Ahmose I became the founder of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt which is often referred to as the greatest of the Egyptian dynasties. At the age of 7 Ahmose’s father was killed, and at the age of ten his brother having only ruled for three years, died of unknown causes. Afterwards, Ahmose assumed the throne and gained the title of Neb-Pehty-Re, meaning “the lord of strength is Re”. During his reign, Ahmose I was able to expel the Hyksos which was something that his father and grandfather were not able to accomplish. This success allowed for the 18th Dynasty to become an all-African ruled dynasty.

Ahmose I restored the Theban rule, Egyptian culture and politics, and reasserted Egyptian power in its former territories of Nubia and Canaan. He also reopened quarries, mines and trade routes. Massive construction projects began to take place which allowed for the building of the last pyramid built by native Egyptians. Ahmose I was a visionary, a brave nationalist and a lover of his people and his culture, his bravery opened the doors for an African centered Egypt until the fall of the 18th dynasty. Ahmose I stood for justice and freedom which he displayed by removing the foreign invaders known as the Hyksos. He showed pride and courage to free his people from oppression and inspired his people to live free and be proud to be African. Ahmose I, we proudly stand on your shoulders.

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