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On the Shoulders of Giants Vol: 1 North America, is a book intended to bring awareness and give an alternative perspective of the history of Africans, African-Americans and Indigenous Americas in North America. I believe the media gives negative perspectives of the history of nonwhite people in North America. This book and the volumes to follow will bring light to the major accomplishments of non-whites before, during and after slavery. I feel it is important for the nonwhite youth of the world to understand the significant impact people of their culture and other cultures have made.

This volume focuses on heroes from Mexico, The United States and Canada. This book is for the brave, trailblazing men and women in history, who used their talents to empower and uplift their people and fought for their freedom. When one is knowledgeable about their past, their sense of self worth will improve and they become vessels of information to pass along to the next generation.
The ten people profiled are trailblazers we can be proud of for serving their people. “We stand on
their shoulders.” Enjoy!!

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